30 Benefits And Efficacy Of Bidara Leaves For Human Body Health

By On July 24, 2019

The leaves of Bidara come from a small tree named the Biadara tree. This tree is commonly grown in areas that tend to dry. Bidara is a reference for this plant in Indonesian language, while in some regions in Indonesia, this plant has many names. The Bidara tree has a height of about 5 to 16 meters. Both the twigs and branches numbered quite a lot with the type of green leaves that have a lot of thorns.

The leaves of the Bidara have a slightly oval rounded shape with a smooth surface. The characteristic of this leaf is that there are many thorns although the tree is still young. The Bidara tree itself is mentioned in the Quran with a spiked its. No wonder if this one leaves have important uses, especially for Muslims. In addition, the leaves of Bidara also have a myriad of benefits and also efficacy in maintaining the health of your body.

In order not to be wrong in understanding the benefits and efficacy of bidara leaves, we provide detailed explanations of some of the uses of this leaf for your health. Here's the information.

1. Heal wounds quickly

The benefits of the first Bidara leaf is as a herbal leaf to heal wounds quickly. The leaves will stop bleeding and dry the wound to recover quickly so as not to cause a new wound.

2. Depression relievers

The efficacy of bidara leaves can eliminate depression. These leaves can make you more relaxed and make your nerves quieter. You will not feel any excessive stress or depression.

3. Increase Appetite

The efficacy of bidara leaves for the body is also good in increasing appetite. This leaf should be used for those of you who are often eaten and busy in daily activities. Your appetite will also increase.

4. Anti-Diabetes

The efficacy of Bidara leaves is also potent to prevent diabetes. For those of you who have contracted diabetes can also try this leaf as a natural remedy that will keep the sugar levels in the blood. That is why these leaves are referred to as anti-diabetic leaves.

5. Prevents bacteria and viruses

The efficacy of Bidara leaves is very good for preserving the body and strengthening it from bacterial or viral attacks. Most of the diseases that you have come from viruses and bacteria that settle in the body.

6. Good for stomach

The leaves of Bidara are very safe for the stomach, especially for those of you who have a history of ulcer disease. This leaf will relieve the various diseases in the stomach because it does not negatively affect gastric acid.

7. Nourish the mouth

An unhealthy mouth is characterized by the onset of canker sores and cracked lips. To overcome this, you can use the benefits of Bidara leaves. This one leaf is able to maintain the oral health of various kinds of infections.

8. Anti-Cancer and tumors

The benefits of important bidara leaves are also capable of being anti-cancer and tumors. Both diseases can be prevented if you take advantage of this leaf's efficacy. This unique leaf also serves as a natural anti-oxidant.

9. Overcoming Unsmooth Menstruation

The efficacy of bidara leaves that are no less good for women is that it can prevent the menstruation is not smooth. The compound content of this leaf is able to make your hormones balanced and menstruating.

10. Treating vaginal discharge in women

The benefits of Bidara leaves for women are good to prevent vaginal discharge. This leaves will eliminate the fungus that is in the Miss V. Mushroom is a leading cause of vaginal discharge and can interfere with the health of the body.

In addition to the 10 benefits and efficacy of bidara leaves for health, there are again 20 other benefits of this leaf that you need to know. Here are more benefits:

20 benefits and efficacy of other Bidara leaves:

11. Overcoming Premature Ejaculation
12. Boosts sexual arousal
13. Overcoming Ulcers
14. Hemorrhoid Drug
15. Fever-Lowering
16. Good for Bones
17. Maintain Dental Hygiene
18. Lowering high blood pressure
19. Insomnia medication
20. Overcoming Pain
21. Maintaining Intestinal health
22. Drugs Cardiova Sculer Disease
23. Nourish Body Cells
24. Inflammatory drugs on the skin
25. Nourish Hair
26. Drugs Magic Disorder and Genie
27. Bathing the body
28. Strengthens Hair
29. Prevents Acne
30. Eliminates the smell of blood menstruation

Those are the 30 benefits and efficacy of bidara leaves for health you need to know. Hopefully it is useful to increase your knowledge in maintaining health by utilizing the efficacy of healthy leaves. A healthy lifestyle will be more profitable to you later in the future, because today's health is expensive. Good luck.


By On July 23, 2019

This article explains the chemical content of Bidara leaves in a series of Bidara plant research known for its use in traditional medicine and which has also proved very good in cosmetic applications and toiletry.


The Arabs call it Nabka. Sudan: Nabag, Nabak, Cidir, the Thorn of Christ (in folklore, this plant is said to be the source of the Crown of Thorns placed on the head of the Savior. Nigeria: Kurna. In English it is known as the Dom, the Thorn-Jerusalem or the Thorns of Christ, in France called Paliure, Epine du Christ, porte-chapeau, capelets, Argolou and arnaves.

Content of Bidara leaves for cosmetic ingredients

The chemical composition of the Bidara leaf oil (Zizyphus Spina-Christi) is obtained using the distillation method to have the main components: geranyl acetone (14.0%), methyl hexadecanoate (10.0%), methyl octadecanoate (9.9%), Pharnesyl acetone C (9.9%), hexadecanol (9.7%) and ethyl octadecanoate (8.0%).


All parts of the plant are used by local Arabs to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. This herb has also been used to induce good sleep because it has calming properties. In Saudi Arabia used for the treatment of ulcers, wounds, eye diseases and bronchitis. The Bedouin people use it for the treatment of wounds, skin diseases and as an anti-inflammatory. They also use it as a hot-lowering drug and diuretics. The Bidara tree is widely found in southern Iran. The Bidara tree locally known as "Sidr" and "Konar", has been used to wash hair and body. The leaves of the plant are also used in Iranian folk remedies as antiseptic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory, and to cure skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis. In China it has been used as a form of birth control. The water extract of Bidara leaves has antinociceptive properties in trials in rats and has a calming effect on the central nervous system. It has been described as anticathartic, diuretic substance, and tonic.


The Bidara tree is flowering around July to August, and the seeds are ripe from October to December. The fragrant flowers are hermaphrodite (it has a male flower type and a female BUBGA). This herb has a small white furry flower that is very fragrant. Chemical composition This plant has been extensively researched and has been known for its chemical composition. The main constituents of essential oils are alpha-terpineol (16.4%) and linalool (11.5%). The neutral hydrocarbon in the form of N-Pentacosane is (81%). Methyl esters that are isolated from Bidara leaves include methyl palmitate, methyl stearate and methyl miristat. Beta-sitosterol, oleanolic acid and maslinic acid are the main aglycones of glycosides found in the leaves of Bidara. The sugar content in the leaves of Bidara is lactose, glucose, galactose, arabinose, xylose and Rhamnosa, and also contains four saponin glycosides. The highest flavonoids content is found in leaves (0.66%). There is the content of quercetin 3-O-rhamnoglucoside 7-O-Rhamnoside which is the main flavonoids compound in all parts of the plant. The chemical composition of the Bidara plant proves to be very complex and complete, in addition to alkaloids, there are zizyphine-F, Jubanine-A and Amphibine-H, a new peptide of the Spinanine-A alkaloid has been isolated from the bark of the Bidara tree. Spinanine-A is one of the 14 kinds of amphibine-B type alkaloid cyclopeptide.

Bidara leaves for Anti-microbial

Bidara leaves have been shown to be able to eradicate bacteria, fungi and other pathogens that are usually sufficiently resistant.


The polyphenols of Yemeni plants have conducted trials with ferrylmyoglobin to determine the antioxidant content of bidara leaves aimed at reducing oxidative degradation. The defence effect of saponins on Bidara leaves from cultured myocardial which is exposed to anoxia-reoxygenation is determined and found that lipid peroxidation is reduced.

Use for groceries

Chemical constituents confirm the use of beneficial fruit as a tonic (table 1). The fruit flavor is like a mixture of dates and apples and is highly appreciated by the Bedouin tribe because it has a very high energy value. The fruit can be eaten raw or dried and the fruit Bidara has a slight sense of refreshing acid, slightly resembling a dried apple. The Bidara seeds are rich in proteins, calcium, iron and magnesium. Food from this plant is a very important source of energy, protein and minerals. The tonic properties of the Bidara fruit can increase appetite, and can be used also as a laxative and has been used as a intestinal worms drug (vermifuge). Bidara Fruit also refreshes and restores, as well as enhances brain intelligence and is a cure for high blood pressure. In the western part of Sudan the fruit of Bidara is considered delicious food, (Kordofan, Darfur): Pulp sweet dried fruit and grinded to produce flour. One method to use this flour is to use a small metal cup cooked with steam.

The hypoglycemic and antihyperglycemic effects of the Bidara have been proven by researchers.

Skin and hair Care

This plant is already used in many parts of the world for skin care. The chemical composition and phytochemistry found in the leaf powder of Bidara can discolor and lengthen the woman's hair.

Bidara leaves protect the skin

A study was conducted where the water is bidara leaves (soaked in water for 24 hours) testing UV light radiation on the skin using a solar Oriel simulator and one application of the gel product. The skin color is evaluated (specifically for reddish skin) using the Chromameter Minolta. 80% of the subjects showed a drop in flushed skin and the gel reduced redness by 17.51% in all experiments.

As an antioxidant

Lipid peroxidation plays an important role in skin care problems and improves scalp conditions. Peroxidation and other oxidative damage can be caused by environmental damage resulting in free radicals (such as exhaust pollution, industrial smoke, ozone, UV rays, cigarette smoke, etc.,) and by biological damage such as micro-organisms and conditions Other adverse effects. This can result in problems for the skin and scalp. To avoid the side effects of lipid peroxidation, the use of antioxidants is a natural thing.

Protects DNA damage

The efficacy of the Bidara to protect human DNA cells caused by damage from actinic radiation was tested using the control test equipment modified by Regentec, a spin from the research firm of the University of Nottingham. Human DNA damage can be caused by damage described in the above antioxidant work.

Tips How to Repel Mouse House Fast and Naturally

By On July 19, 2019

From any field, from the ceiling of the house, or to repel the rats from home, to the same from anywhere. From where we are many of us go, if you want to clean or expulsion these animals, in most cases, do not be surprised so much very annoying big or small mice. This rebounds, some of the most common ways to eradicate mice simultaneously using toxic chemicals. If you want to use the toxins certainly many side effects, there is a possibility that 1 exposed to the risk of death in addition to rats dies cause our livestock animals.

If only, he was eaten rats, when it would eat food (poison) that would die as well as the result, we are not taken continue feeding rats, there is probably a poison put scattered animals in a wax cage. We have small children, though, again more dangerous, but children will still understand something, we walk in if he does not look to be a conscious victim, perhaps, especially if you are not able to run, it is very worried.

The use of toxins to kill rats is very dangerous. The solution just quickly, has been a way to eradicate the mice in a natural way for us harmless to impact back. And eradication of rats with how many types of natural ways. Some of them, we use livestock assistance, such as cats, crickets and other measures. Of course, you can be a lot of ways out there besides using natural ways that will be used to eradicate powerful and safe mice. Here, let's take a look at the details of the fight off way more carefully exactly some of the following performance mice. This is because, in order to fight the mouse, he is not just to die. Rats die, if sometimes because we have to eliminate rats with no cause we die, suffer so that the throw is more accurate. Some of the methods that have been done by a number of people to fight strong mice

Mice from farms to homeowners, including one of the animals that became the main enemy for humans. The reason is that it leaves a pungent aroma from which the fertilizer used is like damage to household furniture, the cause, are various problems that have spread harmful diseases that can be contagious to humans. You really like this if you want to get rid of the house that you have to be comfortable in the family looking for a way to repel rats from the house of powerful dreams that can have at home, it is that it is amazing nothing.

As you use toxins, trap mouse mice for these chemical agents, you may have to try different methods to eradicate rats from your home. Some of the methods that you use, you may not and provide results. If you don't work with too complicated to feel, you we are, there seems to be a need to try a mouse choice of casting out 3 powerful ways of the home described in this article. It is very easy, so it signifies it is definitely practical and economical.

In many cases, with a degree of comfort reduction, a kind of animal bully has been forwarded to the House for the occupants. Rats, not only steal food, in most cases, and so on sofas, cabinets, carpets, curtains as, do not spoil the furniture. In addition, these mice carry health risk pathogens. Therefore, to avoid you always rat attack, we must keep the cleanliness of your home. Although the house is clean, because the environment around your house or your neighbor is not really clean, however, sometimes rats still entering the house. Or if this problem occurs, will you do? Here are some ways to repel rats from your home.

5 Android Apps to Know the Song Title

By On July 18, 2019

The song/music is now a commonplace. Everywhere we can hear the strains of songs. Whether it's the dangdut genre, pop, reggae or other genres.

Moreover, now we have entered the era of advanced technology, we can hear the music only modelled gadgets as much as hand grips. No more bother to carry Radio or Tape Recorder. Simply bring your phone and play your favorite songs.

But there are times when we don't know the title of the song being heard. We'll have trouble finding those songs either on Youtube, Spotify, Joox, or any other app if you don't know the title.

It's probably what underlies the software developers creating Android apps to find song titles.

How does this kind of application work? The application will hear the sound of music/song through the microphone on your phone. After that, with the algorithm/specific program in the application will search and match the song to the one he hears. The final result is that the app will display the title of the song.

Applications like this will certainly make it easier for us to find favorite songs that are not yet known titles. Then, what apps can search and find the title of the song? Here's the information.

1. Shazam

When you search for "app to know song title" in Google search field, definitely one of them will show this app. Yes, Shazam is an Android app that has the ability to find out the title of the song you hear.

Developed by Apple Inc., Shazam has been downloaded over one hundred million times in Playstore. Shazam in the claim is able to search for thousands of even millions of song titles from all over the world.

Currently, Shazam also has a Lite version with a relatively small size of 600 KB only. Of course, this saves the storage and use of RAM on your smartphone.

2. SoundHound

No less cool with Shazam, Soundhound is even able to display the title of the song along with lyrics, streaming links, and the purchase link of the song. Measuring 22 Mb only, and already has a ratting 4.3 of 747 thousand reviews in Playstore makes this app very I recommend for you.

Just like Shazam, to use Soundhound you only have to install the app and simply press the orange button, then bring the smartphone closer to the sound source. SoundHound will automatically search and find the title of the song.

3. Genius

As the name suggests, the app has a genius program that lets you recognize and find the title of the song you hear. Although this app is not as popular as Shazam/Soundhound because the amount of unduonly is only 5 million downloads, but its ability can not be underestimated.

Genius not only finds the title of the song, it even has the ability to display lyrics and instantly play a video clip of the song he hears.

This makes Genius a 4.3 rating of 54 thousand reviews. The comments that users give are also pretty good, there's nothing that's a complaint of sorts.

4. MusicXmatch

Maybe you still feel unfamiliar with this one application. But in fact, MusicXmatch has been downloaded 50 million times and has a ratting of 4.5 of 1 million reviews.

Just like any other app, MusicXmatch has a feature for detecting song titles. The app is also synced with YouTube, so when you search for a song title, you can also directly watch the video clip in the MusicXmatch app.

5. MusicID

Last there is the MusicID app. This app has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times in Playstore with Ratting 3.6 of 2 thousand reviews. The interesting thing about MusicID is that in addition to finding the title of the song, the app can also analyze the biography of the artist, album and other details about the song.

Therefore, MusicID can be used as an educational tool around the world of music.

How to Easily Eliminate Acne Stones With Natural Remedies

By On July 18, 2019

Many look for natural things, to get rid of acne naturally fast. This ministry reveals the nature of a day job or to get rid of acne is ground. I will give you the best results if you say it is of course always a few days, of course, they can be carried on the way. Acne skin problems are most common. How to get rid of acne before it's fast, I mean first, a number of important questions to clarify.

Acne has stuck to the skin due to the emergency sinus from the body, and the amount of pus burned. Acne is divided into three parts, namely, Carnation, large custom, and also cystic acne. Acne can not be in us due to various factors. Of course, some factors will be made with dead skin cells, the use of too many drugs oil, cosmetics, bacteria, and more. How to get rid of Acne pressed is not to be forced to damage the skin, because the action of text versions of acne and skin, almost impossible.

On the common problem that occurs in front of the question trait properties of many herbal treatments acne tips pimples In the approach, acne can actually expect to quickly disappear with the necessary adaptation. The problem is the face of the ruling child over teenage acne full of not only women, but also to master teenagers and adult long acne and almost be diminished. As with most things in young people during puberty age, acne. Acne is one of many causes, and is also a factor in the skin of healthy lifestyle factors such as less noticeable.

But this can not be said in various forms of acne. Expensive home care salon treatments. Often, there are a variety of old, how to get rid of acne naturally, but for me (if) the minimal results are safe enough to use. This is a natural sequel to the action it doesn't take long to get rid of acne. According to their own experience and will only have acne within a month, and then to the end time. For what is important to those who here can not in any way try to get rid of acne naturally.

Quoted from Wikipedia, clogged pores and acne is a skin condition in which it is spread with pus sac. Given that acne is often caused by excessive generally oil glands, clogged pores, which can be, and mixed with dead skin cells on the skin. Blockage of skin pores, and dirt dust mixed with it will be worse. And also that because in addition to the use of women causes felist bacteria in the presence of acne and the use of part of the effects of certain drugs.

Then, too, the type of thing that acne researchers naturally acne  "Nobody in the world, through the skin without blisters. " Although of course it is pretty beautiful to see the line of the day. So many of them are always looking for ways to get rid of acne. Wanting to try, therefore, to cope with the stubborn way, is the chance of an acne fellowship that you can try. For more than the acne promise naturally, below are a few tips to move on.

How to Gain Weight And Build Lean Muscle Mass

By On July 16, 2019

In an effort to gain weight, you should start with the little things first, i.e. drinking water. In today's lifestyle makes many people who prefer a soft drink or energy drink containing a water supplement. Drinks because this does not directly harm the body slowly. This is because many of these beverages contain substances or chemicals that are essentially for the body. Therefore, change your lifestyle to the water they consume on a regular basis, especially when waking up. Consumption of more water, the better the body condition. The condition of the body has adequate fluid intake will make the process better and the absorption nutrients in the food consumed can be absorbed well.

Muscular body and contains certainly very desire for men. Some programs to gain weight how to do in order to get the athletic body are not uncommon that even big enough to spend money. There are some conditions that can cause normal weight loss from an overactive thyroid gland, have a disease and eating disorder. Having a body contains large muscles and is one of the factors that support the activities done, especially for people who rely on their work. It also has an athletic body like many women, as most women like men who have an ideal body lean compared to men.

The first is to drink milk can help build muscle mass, milk is a healthy drink, plus healthy now there are different types of dairy products help increase the amount of muscle mass, one of which is L-MEN which is one type of formula To increase the amount of muscle mass akann, but should be accompanied by proper exercise to build muscle.

In fact, quite a lot of people have problems with their weight. Some people find it difficult to lose weight. Some efforts tried, but no less fruitful. In addition, also the case of those who tend. Tough difficulty despite eating a lot. Well, what is the right way to gain weight naturally?

The second thing to do is to choose a healthy, nutrient-rich meal. One of the best ways to do this is to choose the agent providing the local health food minerals, vitamins and nutrients that are right. Consuming lean protein sources such as tempeh and tofu, increasing consumption of vegetables, fruits and nuts can also be influential in this regard.

The third is through exercise, regular exercise, which forms proportional and balanced body parts, in addition to burning excess body fat, exercise can also make our physical shape, exercise routine is easy Done in the morning ie jogging, push-ups, situps and push-ups, four types of movements if done regularly and continuously, and attenuation of drinking milk that can increase muscle mass then over time the body does not begin to form and athletically As desired.

How to Remove Eye Bags Quickly

By On July 16, 2019

A panda's eye or also known as a black eye and a big bag to make us feel the most interesting aspect, especially if you're a woman. Fake panda eyes are serious health problems and damages. But some new eye can be a sign that the body lacks of health problems causing sleep, for example, you feel tired easier, may be a sign of low blood pressure. Although many have never seen the eyes of pandas, but they rarely use the advice to easily get pockets under the eyes. Often, many are allowed, but also graduated. And often, many women are using make up to hide the panda's eyes.

There are several factors that should be considered as the cause of eye bags. But one of the many factors and the most commonly encountered is sleep deprivation. A man who often experiences sleep deprivation, experts have more melanin hormones. This hormone causes the appearance of panda eyes. In addition, there are several causes of eye bags, including crying, age, too tired, anemia, dehydration, sun, alkolhol therapeutic, smoking and the use of this brand is very thick.

Then we try to answer the question of how to remove eye bags naturally and quickly?. In fact, there are many ways to cope with your eye bags. Such as beauty treatments in salons or cosmetic use. However, there are other ways to overcome the eyes of the pandas naturally by using the materials that surround us. Like Yam, cucumber, ice cubes and potatoes. How to remove pockets under dark eyes these materials are also very convenient in terms of value is also very affordable. Although the way to overcome this panda's eyes, but the result is no doubt.

Every woman expects perfectly prepared at all times, to always have great confidence. Unfortunately, sometimes it is difficult to be fulfilled due to various problems on the surface, such as eye bags or dark circles. They make the face look tired and dull you do not shine the perfect beauty. An alternative to removing eye bags or dark circles under the eyes is very easy, just do it regularly because it uses natural ingredients that promise instant results.

To reduce the eyes or reduce the black circle of this, you should make sure that you have enough rest time. In addition to water consumption for the recommended dose to keep the body hydrated. It affects our skin in a healthy and seamless manner, including eye bag treatment. Well, I hope that review how to eliminate eye bags adds to your insight.

How to remove black eye bags or pandas, do not have to use make up or care for pockets under eyes swollen or enlarged can be eliminated by using natural ingredients that are very easy to obtain. Pockets under the eyes are not a serious problem but the face if it doesn't interfere with performance. The appearance of eye bags of surgery and prove how beautiful his eyes and free of pockets under the black eye and swollen or also called eye Pandas. But they are often eye bag surgery done to remove the pockets under the eyes caused by genes or hereditary factors. To mesh bags are not permanent, can be lifted using the natural way, we share this time.