5 Android Apps to Know the Song Title

The song/music is now a commonplace. Everywhere we can hear the strains of songs. Whether it's the dangdut genre, pop, reggae or other genres.

Moreover, now we have entered the era of advanced technology, we can hear the music only modelled gadgets as much as hand grips. No more bother to carry Radio or Tape Recorder. Simply bring your phone and play your favorite songs.

But there are times when we don't know the title of the song being heard. We'll have trouble finding those songs either on Youtube, Spotify, Joox, or any other app if you don't know the title.

It's probably what underlies the software developers creating Android apps to find song titles.

How does this kind of application work? The application will hear the sound of music/song through the microphone on your phone. After that, with the algorithm/specific program in the application will search and match the song to the one he hears. The final result is that the app will display the title of the song.

Applications like this will certainly make it easier for us to find favorite songs that are not yet known titles. Then, what apps can search and find the title of the song? Here's the information.

1. Shazam

When you search for "app to know song title" in Google search field, definitely one of them will show this app. Yes, Shazam is an Android app that has the ability to find out the title of the song you hear.

Developed by Apple Inc., Shazam has been downloaded over one hundred million times in Playstore. Shazam in the claim is able to search for thousands of even millions of song titles from all over the world.

Currently, Shazam also has a Lite version with a relatively small size of 600 KB only. Of course, this saves the storage and use of RAM on your smartphone.

2. SoundHound

No less cool with Shazam, Soundhound is even able to display the title of the song along with lyrics, streaming links, and the purchase link of the song. Measuring 22 Mb only, and already has a ratting 4.3 of 747 thousand reviews in Playstore makes this app very I recommend for you.

Just like Shazam, to use Soundhound you only have to install the app and simply press the orange button, then bring the smartphone closer to the sound source. SoundHound will automatically search and find the title of the song.

3. Genius

As the name suggests, the app has a genius program that lets you recognize and find the title of the song you hear. Although this app is not as popular as Shazam/Soundhound because the amount of unduonly is only 5 million downloads, but its ability can not be underestimated.

Genius not only finds the title of the song, it even has the ability to display lyrics and instantly play a video clip of the song he hears.

This makes Genius a 4.3 rating of 54 thousand reviews. The comments that users give are also pretty good, there's nothing that's a complaint of sorts.

4. MusicXmatch

Maybe you still feel unfamiliar with this one application. But in fact, MusicXmatch has been downloaded 50 million times and has a ratting of 4.5 of 1 million reviews.

Just like any other app, MusicXmatch has a feature for detecting song titles. The app is also synced with YouTube, so when you search for a song title, you can also directly watch the video clip in the MusicXmatch app.

5. MusicID

Last there is the MusicID app. This app has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times in Playstore with Ratting 3.6 of 2 thousand reviews. The interesting thing about MusicID is that in addition to finding the title of the song, the app can also analyze the biography of the artist, album and other details about the song.

Therefore, MusicID can be used as an educational tool around the world of music.

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